Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Mummy has been away AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! - hence the gap in my messages -

been having a ball with the pack - but no swimming - it is too cold here -have tried it once and it was fun - but its a summer sport - its still cold here - today it was raining

glad you got good and smelly - did they give you a bath - i had one last week - but have now recovered - it took a lot of work -

all ok here - am planning my overnight with Granny this weekend - trying to work out what mischief i can get up to - suggestions welcomed!!!!!!!

First day back at the office for ages - it took a while for all to remember the rules - i require treats - more treats and then biscuits - glad to say by lunch time everyone was re-trained and life was back as it should be (its amazing how short term two legs memories are - it has not been that long!!!!)

now out for dinner so got to run

love and licks


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