Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm legitimate ....... again

Dear Poppy

What an exciting time I have had since I last wrote. As you know Granny came to visit. Thank you so much for my presents, I have been playing and playing with them. Granny took me for walks and played with me. You are so lucky to have her with you all of the time.

Then Nick and Matty came to stay. You know them, they are Puppaw's friends from Froxfield. They brought me meat. Ummmm meat. It was scrummy in my tummy. It was from a real New York deli. On Saturday Mummy and Puppaw had their wedding reception. Only four months late but oh well. It was not such great news for me. They were out really late, like 2am. Fortunately Nick and Matty are very polite and they came and took me out.

Sunday was funny. Mummy and Puppaw were quite sick. Aunty Mercedes, Duncan and Atticus came for Easter breakfast and then everyone left me. They went to the floating house without me. Shame shame shame. But I got my revenge. I had a bit of sore tummy and made Puppaw take me out every ninety minutes all through the night. Fortunately his appointment was cancelled so we slept all day on Monday as he was not earning the bacon.

Today I went to the doctor. Great news. My mighty mites have all gone. And I am feeling much better. It is very hot though so I may have to get my hair cut.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I did not stay with Granny at the hotel. I went over with her to check out our room and stuff. I jumped on the bed. And guess what? Granny shouted at me. It was very scary. And then I had to go home. I think the dementia is back. She even forgot to call Puppaw to say she had arrived at Great Uncle Bud's safely. It is jolly sad. But I told her I would look after her. I love Granny.

I love you as well Poppy.


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