Monday, April 18, 2011

No shrinking here

Never fear Poppy, I am making up for any diet your Mummy is putting you on. Rest assured I am still growing. I think I am about 75lbs.

Granny is coming visit me next weekend and I am really looking forward to walking her around my 'hood. First I think I will take her to my favorite pee and poo spots on either side of the Latrobe, one of the nearby buildings. Do you have favorite places to go ..... I am quite fussy actually.

Then I think we can go to the park for a while. After that we may go and hang out outside of my building so I can see any friends. I will probably be quite tired so I will let Granny off of the hook for a while and take my spot on the couch. If she is good, I may let her share. By good, I mean give me treats. Is Granny good with you?

I am so excited she is coming to visit. Puppaw said I may be able To stay with her for a night. I am not sure how good an idea this is as I quite like my routine. I start off on the floor, move to the bed, return to the floor and then wake up Mummy and Puupaw at about 6am to play. Although today I slept until Puppaw's alarm went off. I was beat.

Yesterday, we went to Uncle Ralph's and I played with Drexi. (He is very old so I was gentle.). Then I went to Puppaw's toy store (it is called West Marine) and lots of people played with me. Then we had lunch and I met some new friends. Then we went to the floating house. On the way home we went to Aunt Mercedes. I was pooped. I was so tired I did not even want to go for my late evening walk, but Puppaw made me. I was quite grumpy.

Well have to go now. Try and eat a bit more to get your strength and size back.

Love and licks,


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