Saturday, May 21, 2011

I have a boyfriend ...(well I think so)

Dear Poppy

I need your advice, as my older cousin. I think I may have a boyfriend. You know Willy, my friend from next door. Well I thought we were just pals but last night I stayed at his house for the evening as Mummy and Puppaw went to the ballet. Well I heard Mummy say I was on a date. If I was on a date, does that mean I have a boyfriend?

Willy is ever so handsome and let's me play with all of his toys. And last night we ate dinner together. He is a bit older than me, 4 I think; which is quite an age difference as I am just one. He is so kind to me and I love being with him. I think I may be in love. Mummy and Puppaw just bought me some new evening collars. Should I wear one when I next see him.

Please tell me what to do. ( And don't forget to be nice to Grandpaw.)

Seeking advice,


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