Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best weekend ever ...

Dear Poppy

Where are you? Have you run away from Grandpaw again? Are you in hiding? I have not heard from you in ages.

I wanted to tell you about the best weekend ever. Well honestly each weekend is the best mainly because I can never remember what happened the week before. Anyway, before I forget, let me tell you about this weekend ....

It began as usual with drinks at the Hotel Helix on Friday night. It was Mummy, Puppaw, Tom and me. We were outside and I was behaving. Then this huge storm came through; I thought it was Rapture and the Flood. We had to have our cocktails inside. It was very scary.

Then on Saturday I went to a new dog park. First I was in the open car with my new harness (so I jump out) and we drove for miles to a place called Shirlington where the dog park is huge. Yet ... and listen to this ... there is a river their and I went swimming. I was a bit naughty and would not come when called, only because I was having so much fun. I would run in the shallow area and then swim where it was deeper. I am a natural it seems. Can you swim? It is great fun!!

Then on Sunday we went to the floaty house. We went for a long sail, my first ever. I was a bit unsure at first, but quickly got the hang of moving about. And I was not at all sea sick and did not need to take any Dramamine. We stayed on the floaty house. I was not very keen to go down into the cabin and Puppaw had to pull me. He then hugged me loads and I calmed down. The good news is that after my first foray, I became a natural coming and going.

I was a bit scared so I joined Mummy and Puppaw in their room, the V-Birth. It was ok but really rather crowded. I had to push Mummy all the way to one side, and Puppaw all the way to the other so I had room. But boy, did I sleep well!

On Sunday we went for a second sail. I am becoming a real sailor dog. I felt quite stable and safe. I really love at the Marina. I am allowed to run around and there are other dogs to play with. Mummy and Puppaw let me walk off of the lead, as I stick really close to them. We walked over to visit Tom's boat and nearby there is a little beach, so I went for another swim. I was not very keen to come out, and Puppaw has decided I am not allowed swimming unless I have my long rope tied on.

I have not been swimming off of the floaty house yet, that comes next. Mummy and Puppaw are a bit worried about getting me back onto the boat as I am quite heavy and will be even heavier when wet. Puppaw did buy an extra long ladder to help.

Please write soon. I miss you.

Love and licks,


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