Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kongs and other unhappinesses

hi Mugsy

It has been a while -

Kongs - can be destroyed - but only by really strong teeth - so be proud - and don't worry they can be replaced - just send Puppaw out shopping thats why he earns the bacon for after all!!!!! You get such nice stuff in yours - frozen apple sauce and all sorts - all i get is the empty kong with a dry biscuit in it - and now mummy is on a health kick - it seems all i get is a bit of oat cake - yuk!!!!!

more things to whinge about - today is not a good day:-

1. She (mummy!!!) only got back on Friday - last week - and she is off again this friday for 4 days - sailing - you get to go to the floating house - but i don't i have to go to the pack
2. Got stopped from rolling in some really good smelly stuff today - and still got washed -
3. Haven't seen Granny and Grandpaw for ages - longer than you - you saw Granny not long ago - thought i would see Granny on Sunday - Mummy is - but i have to stay with the Pack because Mummy has a work committment on Monday day and evening so she can't pick me up till Tuesday evening- Granny is going to forget what i look like.
4. You get boiled chicken and rice when you get an upset tummy i get starved !!!!! - and pasted - i hate paste - keep it up - just look sad and unhappy - i have to remember to try.

Hoping that when she reads my post (i have sent it to her) she will get a major guilt trip and i will get an extra long trip to the park - let you know if it works tomorrow!!!

love and licks


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