Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Not True

Dear Poppy

Where are you? I have not heard from you in ages. I do hope that all is ok?

I need to ask you a really important question. I know that you are very knowledgeable and will know the answer. Are Kongs meant to be industructible?

I ask because I was playing with one of mine and suddenly I was eating it. I don't really know what happened. I mean, one minute I was upstairs and got it from my bedroom toy box, then I threw it down the stairs. Then Puppaw played with me. Then I was lying down exercising my jaw. Then my Kong was in three pieces with the end biiten off.

Well actually there were two pieces. A big one and a smaller one. But when Puppaw but them together there was a part missing so he said there must have been three. He said it would reappear in about a day but would not tell me how. It is a mystery. Do you know where it will be? I hope Puppaw will be able to repair my Kong, but he says he will not. (He is very clever so I am sure he will. Or at least I hope so!).

I am really quite worried, I like my Kongs and if they can be destroyed it could be really bad news. How can Mummy make me lovely treats. Please advise me soon, I am rather anxious.



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