Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mugsy 1 ... Puppaw 1 ... Mummy 0

Dear Poppy

Caesar had to come out and play today. He he he. Let me explain.

Last night Puppaw thought he was so clever. He tricked me into leaving the park early as he and Mummy had a party. When I realized I just lay down. He tricked me again by having a long stick and holding it just in front of me so I chased it all the way home. Hopping and skipping. It was exhausting. Puppaw told Mummy it was like fishing. I was quite angry. ... especially as I was then left alone for hours.

So this morning I woke up early (5:30am) and started whining and whining and whining. Puppaw persuaded Mummy to take me out. And this is when I struck with my cunning plan. Mummy thought we were just going around the block. Instead I made her take me all the way to the park where I played and played with Charlotte and Hector. It was great.

And I was in control. Silly two legs thought they were in charge. Little did they know.

Now to get my own back on Puppaw and I will be victorious.

Vine, vidi, vici.

Mugs (Caeser)

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