Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weight update - i am growing - weigh 7.5 pounds

Hi Mugsy

Sorry for the late reply - but i have been away with the pack again - Mummy went sailing and so i stayed with the pack - had the usual ball - we kept Aunty Susannah up at night fighting over space in bed - i have decided sleeping under the douvet is better than on top - Mummy not so keen - but it is a battle i intend on winning (its a work in progress currently).

Had to see the vet yesterday - never fun - had my ears plucked - ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - and cleaned - Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nails clipped and a few other horribles - but the really good news is that i am still a slim, trim, gorgous, precious pooddle, but i weight 7.5 pounds - thats getting better - and its not all fur.

Got a great weekend planned - not sure Mummy is aware - but it is PERFECT.

Thursday and Thursday night - at Granny and Grandpaws - finally a sleepover - and they have no idea what is coming i am laying down my own ground rules - i know Mummy has said what she thinks is ok - but i have my own plans - its going to be like at Aunty C's not at home - much better

Friday - we are having a day off work - and it is play play play, Mummy can pick me up at about 9 and then its park, run, play, nap, park etc - i have to be good when she is at work, she can be at my beck and call on Friday.

Saturday is British Military Fitness - so i go to Aunty Susannah's while Mummy gets screamed at by the ex-Army PTI's and then Granny and Grandpaw for Dinner - so more spoiling

Sunday - even better, lots of people coming for bridge - dummy's job is to cuddle me- so that is 4 hours of cuddles and then Aunty Susannah and Delilah are comming for Sunday Dinner.

Should be ready for a rest on Monday

Hope your plans are as good
Poppy (weighing 7.5 pounds!!!!)

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