Monday, May 16, 2011

Pooped !!


Boy am I tired. So tired I keep remembering more things to tell you. Yesterday was phenomenal. I had a day with my cousin Addy, Uncle Matt and Aunty Mercedes. (Duncan was out with his friends.)

Mummy and Puppaw took me to the park where I played with Zeus and some other friends and got rather dirty, so then I had a bath. I really needed it actually. It was the first time Mummy had come to the bath house and it was much much better. She is much gentler than Puppaw and much more concerned for my welfare. So I was much better behaved than usual. Then she bought me some toys.

After that we went to the toy store where Mummy and Puppaw bought me some more foor and ... and this is really great ... a harness so I can ride in the car with the roof down. Woo hoo, Hollywood here I come! I was a bit bad in the toy store and helped myself to a pigs ear. It was just there, what was I supposed to do. I mean ... really!!

Then off for my day of fun. I ran in the yard. Uncle Matt took me to Rock Creek Park - this huge, huge wilderness in the middle of DC. Then more fun at home. Addy washed me down with a hose when I got to hot and played with me and my toys. Finally Mummy and Puppaw got back from cleaning the Floating House. I just crashed Poppy. Pooped !!

I slept until 6:45am (well except for the security patrols of course.)

How was your day?

I am so looking forward to an easy Monday.

Love and licks,


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