Wednesday, June 22, 2011



when is your passport arriving - i was walking through the park like a good girl when Tilly came from know where and tried to eat me - she nearly succeeded and boy do i hurt.

i screamed and tried to fight back but she weighs twice me and she has very sharp teeth - mummy rescued me - but NOT QUICKLY ENOUGH - I NEED YOU - YOU WOULD PROTECT ME better - it was so scarey and now i have a poorly leg and am not allowed to go for walkies (actually am on Granny and Grandpaws bed having extra cuddles - but i would share them with you!!!!!)

I don't know what to do about Tilly, Mummy has reported her to the Police - but they don't seem to do anything - and she screamed at Tilly's Two legs - she never screams at me like that however bad i am - but i don't want it to happen again - three times is enough - and we can't avoid the park its the one by work

feeling quite pathetic - needing a giants protection - tell your puppaw and Mummy to get it sorted - you can stay at my house till they move!!!! - i will share the bed (between us we can kick mummy out completely!!!! she was not quick enough yesterday and deserves punishment!!!!!)

love and licks


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