Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Belle of the Ball

you looked so pretty in your Tiara - can't see the Diamonte Collar - but i am sure it was stunning -

i am glad you had a ball at the ball - even if you were a bit jaded the next day - and i can't believe you were so good - but it does sound like it involved a lot of treats.

now i have to talk to you about mexican dogs - Delilah my best friend is from there - the long haired variety - but she is not LUNCH and i would be very upset if she became lunch - even your lunch - unless you were starving - FAMILY FIRST !!!!!!

actually on the basis of someone who all big dogs take one look at and then start salivating over - it is very STRESSFULL to be viewed as the next meal - WE MIGHT BE SMALL BUT WE HAVE FEELINGS and we are dogs - not meals - you wouldn't let anyone eat me - WOULD YOU!!!!!

anyway i shall put the new picture in a frame and show everyone my beautiful cousin PRINCESS MUGSY (AKA PRINCESS CEASAR THE DESTROYER OF HOUSE PLANTS)- you must be a princess you have a crown - i don't, i have told mummy i am feeling neglected.

love and licks

(not lunch, dinner or even breakfast!!!!!!!!!) but very kissable

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