Monday, June 27, 2011


Mummy spoke to your Puppaw and rumour has it you have a cold -hope the sneezes have gone by now - or that you are being thoroughly spoilt still - either works

had a boring weekend - went to Alberts to play yesterday - he is nice but a real gentleman - it was so hot we just lay in the shade and panted - Mummy has agreed to me having a skin head type cut tomorrow - it is the only way to survive the summer - i panted all night - that and barked - there were lots of noises -and it was too hot to sleep - if i can't why should anyone else - guess i will have to tolerate being called lambikins by Granny again !!!!! - have asked for my ears to be left dog like.

met up with Franky this morning - he had a ball at the weekend - went to a garden party and chased a bishop in full regalia - that is what i call a dogs life!!!!!!

love and licks

feeel better


ps you are very remiss in writing

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