Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear Mugsy

You are so lucky to be allowed to go sailing - i just get left with the pack - which is ok - Mummy went sailing last weekend - i went to Hyde Park and ate various unmentionables - am paying the price now - had to see the vet yesterday - runny tummy and all that - but chicken and rice for a week - so its not so bad.

There is no further need for me to run away from Grandpaw any more my aims have been achieved, i am staying next weekend and i shall be fed chicken by Grandpaw on demand, apparently he has to establish himself as top dog - i already know how important he is - but i wanted more treats -and mission has been accomplished - what more can i say - you think you are clever - but guess what!!!!

Swimming - i can swim - but it is generally followed by Poppy how could you - and lots of towels and baths and nastys so i need to learn how you get incouraged - when Delilah and i go in the Serpentine they worry about what awful deseases we will catch from the rats - oh and also that we might get arrested for chasing the swans - its treason apparently!!!!

Have to go now - Chicken and Rice have been placed down - enjoy your dry dog food - i shall think of you for the next 7 days while i enjoy fresh chicken and rice!!!! (well the tinned fresh type but its better than the dry stuff!!!!)

love and licks


ps last time mummy spoke to your Puppaw he was at the dog park and you weren't coming - had a ball and were having a ball - do need lessons on deafness - but be careful Grandpaw and soon granny have hearing aids - you don't want them to get any for you!!!!

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