Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Love My Mummy

Dear Poppy

I am not sure what is up but I am completely soppy with Mummy at the moment. Yesterday I would not leave her side. When Puppaw tried to take me to the park I refused. He had to give up and I ran all the way from the elevator to the door.

Then - shock and horror - the two-legs left me for hours to go to dinner. But they did take me for a nice walk when they came home. I slept on the bed all night to be near Mummy. It was quite crowded as I seem to be growing again, so I pushed and pushed and made Puppaw sleep way on the edge. He may even have been half out of the bed at one point. But I did get closer to Mummy, which is all I wanted.

Puppaw seems a bit put out actually. Oh well, as you would say c'est la vie.



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