Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mummies and Loving

it is clearly something in the air - us girls are having to stick together - i couldn't leave granny's side at the weekend - she told Grandpaw she only let him have 50% of the bed but i got 7/8s - it wasn't that i want'd 7/8s it was just every time it tried to snuggle she moved away complaining she was too hot - its my job to be a hot water bottle- thats why i snuggle.

last night mummy didn't pay sufficient attention to me - she kept on putting her back to me - so my nose and paw nudged her all night - how can i give her love when all i have is her back!!!!!

but the cheek of leaving you to go to dinner - i went out with Mummy and all my colleagues from work for the staff summer Party last night - we went to The Terrace Restaurant and had dinner - everyone gave me titbits but Mummy - i had pork (yummy) fishcakes (ok) rainbow trout (yuk!!!) and fried chicken (yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!) thats the good side of being a real working women (i would have said working girl - but i keep told working girls are bad girls and i am a good girl!!!!)

but not this morning - think i have a hang-over - it was a late night - anyway i had to be up - so i got all of fulham and chelsea up - mummy kept on telling me to be quiet but there was a woof in my head and it kept on comming out - and out and out
all the way up the Kings Road!!!!!!!

Love and Licks

the Pops

PS glad Willie is ok - have you been out on a proper date yet!!!

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