Monday, August 1, 2011

I may have a drinking problem

Dear Poppy

I am terribly worried. I may have a drinking problem. Let me explain.

Tonight when I went out for a walk with Mummy and Puppaw all I wanted to do was go across the street to the Helix Hotel. That is where we all go every Friday for sundowners. Mummy has tint verano, Puppaw has scotch and soda and I have ice and water (and treats). Well tonight I kept pulling and pulling to go across the road - and it is only Monday.

Does that mean I am a dipso? That's the word that Puppaw uses when he and Mummy have a few too many drinks. What should I do? I think I will ask my park pals if any of them have the same problem. Maybe I can join a local AA chapter. I mean I am only 15 months old.

Please tell me what to do. After drinking half of the Chesapeake Bay yesterday, I am worried that the cool, fresh taste of plain old water is just not enough.

Love (hic) Mugsy

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