Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot, hot, hot

Dear Poppy,
It is so terribly hot here! I can't go out without getting a shower from the hose out front. It is one of my favorite things. I am all dried out by the time I get to the dog park, and I take a shower there, under the fountain. That give me just enough cool time to be able to do a few laps around the benches with all my friends trailing behind. It is another one of my favorite things. But then, even if I get another shower, I am just too tuckered out to make it all the way home. I don't know why the two legs don't understand that all I need is a little rest in one or two of my favorite cool spots on the way home. They get so angry. They spray water in my mouth, tug and tug at me, throw treats at me (I don't mind that so much, but they usually make me stand up for them). Anyway, this heat is killing me! It almost makes me wish that I could get thrown off the floaty house again for a nice cool swim...almost.

So, Poppy, I have a question for you, because the strangest thing happened to me the night before last...I just couldn't stop wining, or I believe you call it winging, because my puppaw says, "stop your winging" and my mummy says "good god I can't take that wining!" In any event, the other night, I just winged, and wined away...mummy says I did it all night long, but puppaw says I only did it until he turned the wind- making machine on the ceiling up one more notch. Has that ever happened to you? I stopped when they came to me and rubbed my belly the way I like it, but the second they left me alone, I started up again. It's like I didn't even have any control over it. The wind did make me feel a bit better, and I dozed off to sleep.

I think we are going to the floaty house again this weekend. I'm worried I will be tossed in the bay at some point, but maybe it will feel good. I wish the land didn't look so far away when they dump me, or i'd make a dash for it. I can swim faster than the two legs, specially when they put my floaty harness on. I like it a bit better that way, because it is easier to swim.

Is it cooler where you live? Mummy and puppaw worry about that, but I think I might like it.

Lots of licks,
your steaming, cousin Mugsy.

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