Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dear Mugs

I have bad news - Granny and Grandpaw have left so i missed the bags - Granny might not pack light - but i am most certainly not welcome in her bags - climbing on her clothes is VERY UNPOPULAR - apparently doggy smells do not meet her expectations - I don't know why i in particular am DELIGHTFUL.

Anyway they have gone to stay with Great Uncle Bud and Great Aunty Roz which is where your Mummy and Puppaw are off too. I heard the two legs talking - it is GUB's fault he said he was only inviting the two legs - THE CHEEK OF IT - that's why you are being left at home alone!!!

You just have to do what i am doing - don't let them out of your sight - and there is a reason - A HURRICANE IS COMING - i am not sure what it is - but i think it might make the house shake again - it is coming to DC and New York - so you have to be with your two legs to protect them.

My news is i am still hungry - not eating - my two legs has decided on tough love - she hasn't given in - apparently raw food is very expensive!!!(thats why it tastes so nice) - i told her that i am worth it - but she is being tough - i wonder what happens when you are less than a size zero - day 4 and disappearing!!!!

the nearly gone Popster

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