Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Whole World Is Shaking

Dear Poppy

Thank you so much for your note about the movement yesterday. It was terrifying. I had just got over the floaty house and then the fixed house started moving. One of Puppaw's pictures fell and broke near my head, one of the desk lights fell and I heard someting crash in the spare bedroom. I was so scared. It was like the the monsters from the deep were trying to get me.

Am I safe nowhere?

I was so happy when Mummy and Puppaw came home. I could not leave their sides. I may be big (well huge actually), but I am only 15 months old and all this is just so scary. I feel like my whole world is shaking.

What's worse is that there is something up with the two-legs. Lots of whispers about the weekend. I thought at first it was because we would be going back to the floaty house but then they mentioned that babysitters are coming. I am the only baby so why do I need a babysitter as well as Mummy and Puppaw?

I think they may be going away and leaving me. Normally when they go away I go to Aunty Mercedes. Does she not love me anymore? I know I make Atty sniffle a lot with his allergies, but that is no reason to be banished.

Maybe you could come over. I heard Granny and Grandpaw are coming, which is why I think Mummy and Puppaw are off to meet them somewhere. Why don't you hop in one of their suitcases. I can tell you, they don't travel light so there will be plenty of room, and then sneak here. That would be fun.

I am off to my crate and to play with my blue dragon. He was my first toy - and is still my favourite. He will protect me.

When I come to England I am going to do a lot of prozac. Puppaw won't let me have any here, but I know you will share.

Shaking, rattlin' and rollin',

De Mugs

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