Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't let her go!

Dear Poppy,
I don't think you should let your mummy go away. There are all kinds of strange things happening in the world...earthquakes (ground moves), hurricanes (winds howl) and on and on. You need your mummy at home to protect you. I know granny and grandpaw can take care of you, too, but having not been invited to CT for their visit, even I know that there are limits to how much they will do for us. You may say that is not fair, but I had to be home with strangers during the hurricane while the family was in CT having a jolly old least that is what I heard. I don't think they put up much of a fight with uncle bud and aunty roz to let me come. At least I didn't hear about any ultimatums. So that is my advice. Don't let mummy go.

But, if she has to go, then you should get granny to take you to the local swimming pool. The two legs are so smart. They swim in clear water, where you can see the bottom. It is a lot less scary than swimming in nature where you don't know what is underneath. I had a great time when my two legs took me. I even dunked an annoying little beagle who was wearing a swimming vest and kept getting the balls before me. Of course he did! Even though he was tiny, he was cheating and had to pay. I showed him. It only took one quick paw and a lot of acting like I didn't know what I was doing and down he went. Don't worry, Poppy. I would never do that to you.

Floaty, floaty Mugsy.

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