Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Legs

Hi Mugs

Saw you swimming - your Mummy took video - you look so cool - i saw you drown the beagle - he looked like he deserved it - Girls rule ok!!!!!

i don't think Mummy is going to listen to me - so i shall just insist that Granny and Grandpaw stay close - at all time - i am not going to be home alone during any Earthquakes or Hurricanes - i am not brave like you - any threat and i plan on SCREAMING - very very very LOUD!!!!!!!!!

Four legs aren't allowed in public pools in england so enjoy them in the states - although Cousin James has a pool and so do Nick and Sarah - so we should be able to have fun in both of theirs - i can't wait - your Puppaw should make the arrangements asap - i am going to Cousin James on 11 November - it would be great if you were there too!!!!

obediance with regards to food - we have been got - i think they are drugging us - i notice i now eat my breakfast instantly - its very sad - and also no woofing in the morning - i walk down the street in silence - i don't even woof at Doogal - and i do it for tiniest peice of chicken - and then i wag my tail and i wag it and wag it - and wag it - it must be drugs!!!!

Had a new experience yesterday - not bad (started off bad - but then it got better!!!) Mummy had bad toothache and i went with her to the dentist (a two leg doctor for teeth) - she was in pain not me - i just got cuddles - from the receptionist (my dues of course), the dental nurse (very good!!!!) to lie on my mummy's bag (like being at work - but she was scared not me!!!!) and the dentist (like a vet but he caused the two legs pain not me - so i quite like him - he gives good tickles!!!) and i get to go again - she had root canal treatment - i am not having that - it look horribly scary

got to go - Mummy says it time for real work - what does she think this is!!!!!


The Pops

ps be warned i have a grooming visit this Saturday - so you may do too!!!!

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