Thursday, September 1, 2011


Dearest growing Poppy,
I am so glad that you are eating again. I have been finicky here and there. It's mostly the awful Washington heat. It makes me lose my appetite. Food really is confusing. Maybe you can help explain it to me. Last night, behind my puppaw's back, mummy cut up some pieces of meat and yummy meat juice and put it my dog bowl. Of course, I ate it up and it was so delicious, I asked for more. But the two legs acted like they couldn't hear me, so I asked more loudly. Again, nothing. So, again, louder. (Did you know that I can be quite loud if I want to be?)
Why would the two legs give me something yummy and then tell me that I can't ask for more? I will never understand them.
Belly full of beef, Mugsy.

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