Friday, September 2, 2011


honestly you get beef and gravy - all i get is tinned chicken and rice - and i have been starving myself -and they say i'm the spoiled one.

this no woofing business is a worry - i am glad you suffer from it as well - we have had COMPLAINTS so i just think about it and mummy says shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is so annoying -the only good thing is i get carried down stairs in the morning apparently my welcome to the neighbours and the foxes and the birds at 5.55 am was not a popular move - i thought it was just good manners!!!!!

At least in the park i can woof all i like - i bet for size i have a louder voice than you - apparently not only do i have an excellent lung capacity but the pitch is really very piercing - and boy do i like to practice.

Especially at any contractors (work people) who come into the office in overalls - i don't like overalls and i make sure everyone in the office knows - especially if they have black trainers on - white trainers are ok - but black are bad!!!!!

got to go - Aunty M has some chicken (not beef!!!!)



getting rounder

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