Thursday, September 8, 2011


hI Mugs

need some help - seem to be having a major rebellion and am in major trouble - Mummy has that disappointed look in her eyes

yesterday i found a great piece of steak, although told to LEAVE IT - i ate it - it was delicous - no serious side effects - a bit of wind but i didn't think it was bad.

then we went out with Cousin Ben, i was very good, but it was cold - so eventually we went home. when i got home, there was a bike going up the street, so i chased it. i was called and i ignored it - its so much fun to chase bikes - oh and i woofed - at my very loudest. Really told off.

Today we had lunch out, with a two leg friend. some beef burger left and i got it!!!!! it was delicous but apparently it was not for me - don't see why not, just because it was on a table, i am not allowed on, on a plate, not in a dog bowl, it was calling my name. Once this is sent am going to be very quiet and do my best to look very innocent. please do something amazing so the focus is taken away from me.

still getting looks of horror - rather than congratulations for bravery, climbing and scavenging skills


a very full

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