Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Dear Mugsy

thank you for my Birthday presents - i love american football - and have not let anyone else play with by ball - it bounces funny - so i get to it before the big dogs!!!!

Cousin James is great - he got you a giant Kong because i suggested that you would like one - glad you do!!!! - Cousin Jackie is lovely but she is a love you from afar type of lady - and do not go near her chickens - they are very precious and the electric fence - is NASTY - its stings and stings and stings - but there are foxes and other birds you can chase and the lawn is lovely (good for digging - but don't tell Cousin James he thinks its for lying on) and a fish pond for snacking on (again don't tell James) - they have Children - Charlie you have bet and Ben and Rebecca - both good for cuddles.

we have lots of cousins - all good for cuddles - especially the Delews - they love dogs - i go sleepovers - we are just arranging one now - Mummy says its because they want to see her - but its really because they like me.

I am glad you passed your rabies test - i can't wait to take you to these places we are going to have such fun.

Mummy does not take me on the boat - but i have seen her green when she has got off of them - its so funny and she is so pathetic

Now about my weekend - went to a fund raiser for Battersea (like the aspca) and entered prettiest princesss - it was fixed - i was the prettiest there - Delilah should have been second.

You are being far to good - but never fear Ceasar has taken over my body - I found a big chunk of beef on the ground (kebab's are gorgeous) and i ate it - even though i was told not to - every time the silly two legs got close i ran away and it was DELICIOUS - and i have spent all day charging round enjoying it.

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