Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thinking about Aunty Joanna

Dear Poppy

I am so worried about Aunty Joanna. I do hope that you are ok and that Granny and Grandpaw are giving you extra hugs and treats. I hear they took you to Hull to see Aunty Joanna but that you are not allowed to the hospital.

I am glad that you are staying at Granny and Grandpaws. Mummy tells me it is a super house and that when I move to England I will be able to live their. Puppaw says there is even a room just for me. But I think I will stay in Mummy and Puppaw's room - or is it now yours and Aunty Joanna's room?

I am so worried for you. Every day now when Puppaw leaves for work I am sad and ignore him, and then when Mummy leaves I lie by the door to try and stop her from getting out. You must be so scared when the two legs leave.

I have been doing some research on the computer - Puppaw kindly left it on the couch today so it was easier to get to. The computer - a site called www.californiapsychics.com - says that Aunty Joanna will get better and be home today. Please give her lots of licks from me.

Please keep me up to date because the two legs are not good at sharing.

All my love,


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