Monday, October 24, 2011

Mummy is missing

Dearest Poppy

How are you? Are you much happier now that Aunty Joanna is back? I am quite jealous that you get to live at Grandpaw and Granny's house. Just remember, I have dibs.

So I need some advice. My Mummy has disappeared. I know you have this problem so I thought you would know what to do. Puppaw has been around, but today he went to work with his big case, which is not a good sign. I have rather got used to hanging out with him ALL of the time over the last few days.

We have lots of fun, for example:

- I have learned a new trick. When Puppaw does not give me the right petting at the crack of dawn I take his fingers in my mouth and move them to the right spot.

- When we go to bed, I nest in Mummy's spot and then just as Puppaw is ready, I go and hide on the couch. It helps that it is black and so am I. Then to get me to go to bed, Puppaw has to give me treats.

- Puppaw is not really a morning person, so I get to decide where we go for our morning walk. Before we know it we are at the Park of my choice, not his.

How smart am I really? Yet this does not make up for the fact that Mummy is missing. I saw her on the funny portable window thing that she and Puppaw have, but when I went to sniff her there was no smell. I could see and hear her, but she was not there. What's up with that?

Puppaw was quite stressed yesterday with Mummy away. Our hot water heater broke and leaked all over the hallway outside of our door (and Adam from next door). These nice emergency plumbers - Robert and Kwame - came but could not fix it immediately, so came again today. I am glad they did because Puppaw needed a shower. Pongy is an understatement. And a shave, because he looked like he had been left on a desert island.

I'll let you know what happens with the missing Two Legs. Do you think I should call the police? I ask as you have some experience with the law.

Lots of barks,

De Mugs

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