Friday, November 4, 2011

Back to normal

Dear Poppy,
Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to your email. I have been having nightmares about the "Dog Corrector" and just haven't had the energy to write to you to ask what it is...maybe I don't want to know. Don't tell me if it is too awful. Things or me are also back to normal, except it seems I have turned into a bit of a baby and a you can see from above. When mummy left I thought she would never return, so I stuck to puppaw like a tick; followed him around the house, cried and pawed at the door when he left the house, generally didn't want him out of my sight. And then, as you know, he did disappear and my worst fears came true. Although Aunty Jessica came to stay with me and we had jolly good fun (don't tell Puppaw. He still thinks I was misearable.) In any event, then mummy returned, but was coughing and sneezing and spent two days in bed. It's ok, because I took care of her and hardly noticed when puppaw left. Then, puppaw started coughing and sneezing and again, I took care of him. It's nice to be busy. I don't even go sleep in front of the door so mummy can't get out when I am busy taking care of puppaw. But, back to the fraidicat syndrome. I don't like nippy dogs anymore. I would just rather stay by mummy and puppaw at the dog park. I mean, it is so rude when I am racing down the lawn at the park and mean little Lucy bites me with her tiny but very sharp puppy teeth. Remember when I was sometimes called Lucy. I have grown out of that, but Lucy IS Lucy all the time. That tells you something doesn't it? Then a great big Alsatian (German Shepperd according to Mummy) scared the bejesus out of me. Sometimes I think I should just stay home in bed with Mummy or Puppaw all day long.
But not this weekend. I heard Mummy tell Puppaw that we can go swimming at the indoor pool at the Hilton Hotel this weekend. That's where I went to the bark ball. They really like dogs there. I thought swimming season was over, but hurray! One more time.
I hope your Mummy is feeling better. I hear you are getting lots of attention at Granny and Grandpaws.
Licks and love from your baby, fraidicat, cousin Mugsy.

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