Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hi Mugsy

i hear your mummy has returned. Mine is back, she picked me up yesterday and no i am not letting her out of my sight ever again. i don't know what has been going on- Mummy's can't get sick - they have to clean up my sick. i have been very scared. i love Granny and Grandpaw lots, but not like mummy.

The bad news is apparently my refusal to let Mummy out of sight is UNACCEPTABLE - we went out to lunch today, we had to take the bus, although normally we would have walked it, mummy went to pay and i made a fuss, the next thing i knew we were at the pet shop by DOG CORRECTOR and not the normal size but the GIANT size, and its already been used, i am trying to be real cute but apparently i have to agree to SEPARATION and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE. the rumour is that Granny (the mean one) is insisting the Mummy leaves me home alone tomorrow. i need a plan to prevent this. helpt and advice please


The popster

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