Thursday, January 19, 2012

Missing the oldies

Have they arrived yet! I am already missing them. Saw Granny last night and gave pre holiday cuddles but Grandpaw was hiding. I looked everywhere so I left goodbye licks with Granny. Hope she remembered to pass them on.

I have been worrying that you might forget that Granny and Grandpaw are older and therefor a bit more fragile than our two legs, especially Granny who gives the best cuddles but doesn't rough house so no pulling her - oh and try not to do no 1s on her walks she hates picking it up - the face is hilarious

Grandpaw is tougher and a complete softee. But disobey him at your risk I have had some very scary tellings off -you know the type when you really really need to pee even though you have just been out!!!!!!!!! He is great with balls and will kick them for hours so long as you bring them back

I expect you to give them both a big kiss from me every night. And don't take all the bed. And remember to stay on the Mugsy sheet -what colour is it. The Poppy sheet is pink so I guess the Mugsy sheet is a deep red.

Lots of love


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