Monday, January 16, 2012

Very Excited ~ Granny and Grandpaw are coming to visit me

Dear Poppy

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing Granny and Grandpaw to come and visit me this week. I am so excited. I know Granny is your favourite, so I have decided to adopt Grandpaw as mine. I have already tested his bed and there should be room for him and me. I am not sure which one he will be using, so I tested both just to be sure.

I have lots of plans. On Thursday when Grandpaw arrives I will give him lots of licks and sit on him. Then on Friday, while Puppaw has work at home Friday, I will take Grandpaw for my midday walk. I cancelled the dog walker so I can have quality time with him. This is what we will do:

1. We will go to Logan Circle. I have a little test for him (don't tell him), I will lunge for the pigeons (vermin) and see if I can get away. Hopefully he will have his hand in the loop and be holding my lead properly as I don't really want to escape.

2. When we cross the road I will not sit down. This is a test of how commanding his voice is. If commanding enough, I will sit as I am supposed to.

3. At Logan I will chase squirrels. See number 1. They are so brazen, they need to be chased.

4. Then I will pee, because then we have games. The first game is leaves. This is when Grandpaw will kick leaves into the air and I will jump and squeal. But there are not many leaves at the moment, so we will move to game number two, which is feet. Feet is like leaves, except instead of biting the leaves I bite the feet. I don't think we will play sticks, which is also like leaves but with sticks, as I don't really like sticks. Then if it is cold enough, we will play ice. This is when I jump and slide on ice and when it is on the grass try and get to the grass underneath. I hope Grandpaw knows all of these games as they are my favourites and very important to me.

5. After all of this, I will go to the circle's edge and have my poo, if I need one. Then I will pretend I don't want to go home. But in fact I will as I will want to check on Puppaw and ensure he is working hard to earn my bacon.

Do you think Grandpaw knows my routine? I hope so.

On Saturday I think we will go to the dog park, and on Sunday and Monday. With lots of cuddling and napping in between.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise to return Grandpaw in one piece, although maybe a little tired.

Yours, in extreme excitement.


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