Sunday, January 8, 2012


Wow. If you are still keeping those now you should be renamed perfectus Mugsimus. I had some new years resolutions but had broken them by the second of jan. They were too hard to keep to

1. To let mummy lie in - but then I thought why that meant less play time for me. And I do not allow anything that reduces play or cuddles. Ask grandpa. I insisted he came downstairs on Friday just for a cuddle
2. No more stashing food - but what about my mid night snacks. And also then Granny wouldn't be able to have stash hunts and she enjoys them
3. No more woofing. - but I am a guard dog and making noise is souch fun

Will try to write more myself. Loved chatting at Christmas. Mummy says we can FaceTime lots not sure how so get your Puppaws to sort it out

Gt to go it's after eight which is past mummies bed time



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