Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Dear Poppy,
I have been trying very hard to stick to my resolutions...mine seem harder than yours, but anyway. I am not having much luck. Last night, I didn't even spend one second in my own bed. It just looked so nice up there with Mummy and Puppaw, so I wanted to be with them. Earlier in the week, I gave mummy my sad puppy face and got to stay in the park an extra fifteen minutes. I made up for those two lapses by making an appearance in front of the spy cams. They are so humiliating, but I know that mummy and puppaw love to see me, so I let mummy watch me wander around. I looked at the treat area and on top of the dining room table to get her heart racing, but I wasn't going to steal anything...at least not from there. I did have an incident of which you would not approve, since you are the law enforcer in the family. This is how it happened...I was walking by a yard with an iron fence and there were two balls in the yard. One was quite close to the fence and when I stuck my paw through the fence, I could touch it! It was so exciting. The first time I touched it, it went further away from me, so I was quite worried, but the second time, it came closer. Yes, close enough for me to snatch it in my mouth. I ran off as quickly as I could...not too quickly because mummy was behind me. I don't know if she noticed, so I kept my mouth shut and looked behind me once or twice to make sure I was not going to get caught. It was very exciting. Now I understand why there are so many thieves out there. It is quite a rush. Mummy said I was going to have to bring the ball back and apologize to the dog who lives there. I was so scared. But then I saw her throw the ball away. I will try to be better, but at least not stealing was not one of my resolutions.
Your thieving cousin, Mugsy.

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