Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi Mugsy

Yesterday I was quite pathetic - it was the second day on the trot i was left with Granny - which i love - but two days on the trot - so i didn't eat and i didn't play.

Granny spoke to Mummy - she thought i might be ill- i wasn't - i just wanted to be under 3 kilos so the anti woofing devise was too big for me - Mummy was not worried - she knew i just wanted ATTENTION but it was worth a try.

This morning i thougth i was busted, no breakfast offered, it was just packed for work, but i didn't complain, pretended not be hungry, until it went down, when it just disapeared - and then at lunch - some of Delilahs special stash got put down - and again it just disapeared down my throat - definately tricked - but don't feel i can complain too much!!!!!

IT IS SO COLD HEAR - i can't tell you- Granny thought i might be overheating yesterday - it was part of my pathetic act - today mummy did not put a jumper on me - i had to ask!!!!! - its negative temperature - of course i need a jumper - or three - its freezings!!!!! jumper, plus lap, plus food, plus treats, plus cuddles, plus being spoilt -should i need to explain such basic requirements!!!!!



ps i hope your twolegs are being better behaved.
i am sure i head rumours about a trip to the pet parlour but i am pretending they were discussing another dog - they would not heap that trauma on me as well!!!!!

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