Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Dear Poppy,
I do believe you live with an ungrateful lot. After all those times you foiled criminal plots with your barking and now all of a sudden you are told to keep it to yourself? Those two legs sure are confusing. But, you can send granny over any time. Now that I know where she is, I am not as worried. I have been checking on her and grandpaw every night, but they have failed to come home. It all makes sense now. Maybe I'll remember where they are and stop checking their room. I too have been told to stop barking, but at the park! Can you imagine, no barking at the park. How am I supposed to let my friends know that they should chase me, or give me the ball, or stop playing with someone else and pay attention to me? How? I don't think these two lets understand.
I have been a bit out of sorts trying to figure it all out. I am trying to be a bit more independent...to show mummy and puppaw who is the boss. I spend time in my crate, which I love, and they think it's sad. He! He! It got me a whole night in bed with them last night and a 5:30 am play date with puppaw. I must remember to use my sad face more often.
My plan is to ignore all attempts to keep me quite. Make sure your mummy doesn't tell my two legs where to get the "no bark" contraption. I don't want one of those around here.
De Mugs

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