Thursday, March 8, 2012

Everything is back to normal

Dear Poppy

I do apologise for not writing for a while. I have been suffering from depression. Mummy had disappeared. Although Puppaw did his best to keep me occupied I knew something was wrong when:

1. Puppaw got up early, showered and stuff before breakfast and took me to the park for opening at 7:00am. Mummy usually takes me a little later.

2. I was allowed to sleep all night on the bed and there was plenty of room for me.

3. I did not have to pick my toys up all of the time.

4. I had extra treats.

Then I suddenly realized no Mummy and I was very sad. So Puppaw and I snuggled all weekend and watched lots of rubbish TV. It was really great until I understood why. Then Mummy called on the FaceTime.  She seemed a long way away. She promised to come back but I was a bit worried. Everytime I saw a cute brunette in running gear I chased after thinking it was Mummy and Puppaw had to hold me back. I was very confused.

Anyway, she is back and all is normal. I even slept the whole night in my own bed. I am growing up I think. Or it could be that there was just no room for me.

Regardless, my pack is whole. I don't know how you cope when Aunty Joanna travels, at least you have Granny and Grandpaw.

All my woofs,

De Mugs

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