Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's a diet

Dear Poppy

I need your advice. As my older cousin. Or prima as us Spaniard's say.

I keep hearing the word "diet" and I don't really know what it means. Here is what went down. We went to my primo Atticus' birthday party and then to the supermarket. Puppaw took me to the toy store. You know, the shops with all of the pet food and treats and toys. Well they have a scale so he got me to sit on it.

Normally I refuse, but today I was feeling good as I saw Puppaw bought me a new ball, and the shopkeeper suggested I get some sausage. So Puppaw was holding the sausage over the scale and I sat down.

Then Puppaw handed the sausage back. The shopkeeper said it was only one dollar - which was nothing compared to the ball.

But - and listen to this - Puppaw said, "she is 83.2ilbs, and is only supposed to be 78lbs." Then when he and Mummy were in the car they were talking about me being a gordita. That is also Spanish for a little heavy. They think if they speak Spanish I don't understand, but Abu taught me to be on the look out for key words.

And now they are like, "she can only have a cup and half of food for each meal, not a cup and three quarters". Is that what "diet" means.

I am a tad worried.

Please advise.

Your svelte like cousin,

Mugsy the most beautiful and model like.

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