Saturday, May 26, 2012

I don't like being two ...

Dear Poppy

I don't think that I like being two.  Things are changing and I don't understand why.  First of all it is super hot and I am finding it much harder than last year.  Puppaw says it is something to do with surface area to volume ratios; as if I have a clue what that means.

Worse than that, we were all at home today.  Puppaw was installing a new TV in Granny and Grandpaw's room as the old one broke.  I was on our bed with Mummy, just napping.  But, shock and horror, when I went down stairs I noticed something had changed.  I was thinking, why is there so much extra space in my office area; when suddenly I realized that my crate has disappeared.

Where I am supposed to go for my safe place?  My bed is still there.  My toys are still there.  My blank is still there.  But no crate.  Puppaw sat down with me and explained that now that I am two, I don't need a crate.

No, no, no.  I need my crate.  It is where I go when I am ready for bed and Mummy and Puppaw are being slow.  It is where my favorite toy, my blue dragon lives.

Please help me get my crate back.



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