Monday, June 4, 2012

I think I am a big scaredy cat

Dear Poppy

Sacre blue!  I think I am a big scaredy cat.

At 4:11am this morning I woke up as I think I heard something and started growling.  You know, I had to protect Mummy and Puppaw.  So I sat on their bed and growled and growled and growled, until Puppaw woke up.  He said, come on Mugsy there is nothing to worry about, it is all a dream.  But I was not so sure so I carried on growling.  So he got up and said, come on Mugsy lets investigate.

No way in hell, I growled.  I am not going down there in case there is a bad man.  You go.

What is up with me, Poppy?  I am almost 85lbs and 2 years old.  My job is to protect Mummy and Puppaw and all I could do was stay frozen to the bed and growl.  What use am I?

Puppaw went down stairs and everything was ok.  But I was so worried that by the time he came back up I was curled up in my smallest doughnut shape and snuggled into Mummy so that she could protect me.

I am scared that I am a scaredy cat.  Oh no, there I go again .. being scared.

What am I to do.  Please help Poppy.  You are so brave, a crime fighter and everything; and only 3lbs.  I need a back bone.  I may look and sound ferocious, but really I am a complete softy.

Please advise.

Love and shakes,


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