Friday, June 22, 2012

Two Legs are so silly

Dear Poppy

Why are Two Legs so silly?  

Last night I was playing with Mummy, when the Male Servant decided I wanted to go out and pee before bed.  I did not, I tell you.  If I did, I would have said so.  Anyway, he has been a bit grumpy as he pulled a back muscle lifting me out of the Bay when I went swimming (I may need to get a new servant if he does not buck up, how is Grandpaw at household duties?), so I decided to be charitable and go to the door.

Well, silly Puppaw made a comment about how well I behave with him.  Mummy was still on the floor where we had been playing, so I went and licked and kissed Mummy.  Mummy was super happy and pointed out to Puppaw that he is not quite the boss he may think he is.

Of course, he is in no way the boss, I am; yet I let the Two Legs think they are in charge.  But that is a story for another day.

Well, I think there are clear lessons here.  First lesson is that Puppaw is silly if he thinks he is in charge.  Second lesson is that Mummy is silly if she thinks I came back to her for any other reason than to make a point to Puppaw that I am in charge.

Is your Mummy as silly?

Love, and in control, 


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