Friday, June 8, 2012

The greatest invention ever - The Beach

Dearest Poppy

What a day I have had. I got up as usual for work from home Friday, when out came the suitcases. I was jolly sad as I thought this meant either Mummy or Puppaw were leaving me. I had overheard something about Puppaw going to New Orleans. It was all very strange, Puppaw did not take me to the park or to Logan for a game of leaves. Instead we just went to the poo patch. Then into the car.

Three long hours later I put my head outside of the car window and I could smell salt. I was like, salt, that seems strange. I asked Mummy and Puppaw what was up and they said they had a surprise for me.

After lunch we drove down a long country road and when it ended there was nothing but water. Not like at the floaty house where sometimes I can see land all around, but water and water and water. And soft ground that Mummy called sand. Apparently this is what is called a beach. Mummy and Puppaw wondered if I would like the beach. Not to worry I loved it. Loved it loved it loved it.

Here's what you can do at the beach. You can dig and no one says stop. I tried to dig to China. And then I realized that China was a long way away, so I hid my face to hide from Mummy and Puppaw and then jumped up, and barked "surprise". At the beach you can swim and jump in waves and swim and play with Mummy. Puppaw does not go in the water unless it is the Med or Carribbean. I am not sure what that means except I got Mummy all to myself.

You can also drink the ocean but it turns out this is not such a good idea as it is salty and makes your poo funny. At the beach you can also play frisbee. Frisbees are flying disks. I have two. A soft one to practice with and a regular one. I had never played frisbee before but it turns out that I am really good. I can catch the frisbee about fifty percent of the time. The other fifty percent the two legs throw badly. I have told them to practice.

Puppaw sat down with me and pointed and said that if I can swim far enough I could swim to you. Four thousand miles does not seem that far. At least not to come and see you. I tried but Mummy would not come with me and I was a bit lonely. Maybe tomorrow.

Our hotel is terrific. It is designed for Four Legs. There is an enclosed run and play area. There is a special shower. I have my own towel. I am allowed to go to breakfast. What more does one need?

Apparently Mummy used to come to the beach when she was young. We have the convertible car, so we drove around and Mummy pointed out all the places she knew. I was like, hey peeps. It's me, Mugsy at the beach. Tomorrow I am going to email mean Mitt and tell him I ride inside. Even at the beach. I hope you get to go to the beach Poppy. The beach is the best.

Love Mugsy

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