Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Days and Bad Days

Dear Poppy

Where are you?  I have missed your letters.  Is it because you are glued to the TV watching the Olympics?  I am watching the closing ceremony with Puppaw.  Well, actually I am listening to them as I am sulking by the front door.  It is my new favourite spot at home.  I am not sure why, it just is.

Why am I sulking, you ask.  Well a few mornings ago I was at the park and this big dog bit me and punctured me.  I whelped and ran to Puppaw but he told me to go and play.  He did not seem to care.  He says that he did not realise how bad it was, but really I think he was just being mean.  It was Mummy, who clearly loves me more, who spotted that it was a big cut.  So off we went to the vet, and I forgave Puppaw because the vet was being difficult and Puppaw fought for me to be seen.  But .... big but .... they shaved a patch an inch by and inch from my side.  Turns out I am ok, no infection and not that deep.

But then ... and this is super super super bad ... I had to wear the cone of shame.  I was miserable.  My head was hot, I could not lie down, or get my water.  I looked so sad that Puppaw took it off.  Mummy told him off, but he said he could not bear to see me that way.

Puppaw is so easy to manipulate!!!  He he.

I am trying to be good and not lick my wound, but it is so tempting.  Nevertheless, I am being as good as I can.

To cheer me up Mummy and Puppaw took me swimming.  We sailed to my favourite spot, Whitehall Bay, and as soon as the lifeline was down, off I was into the water.  Fantastic!  No waiting for Mummy.  No waiting for Puppaw.  Just me and the fishies ... but no jelly fishies.

Write soon.

Love Mugsy

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