Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Computer Time

Dear Mugsy

Punctured and ignored - I hope that male two legs, of yours,  is feeling very bad - there is no need for you to sulk - you have every right to be sad - what a failure your Puppaw was - he should feel guilty !!!!!! and be reminded on a regular basis - oh dear, you will have to restart your training regime and quickly - servants must be trained properly - and regularly.

My apologies for the lack of communications - partly it was the disapearance of my Mummy - she goes and visits you and then she is back and then she disapears again - I want to tell her off -but she brought back such great presents - and a new leash - it is all glittery and a gift from you - a collar with the US flags on it - which I like and a Lobster which smells of you and I adore - and I would have written but there is a lack of computer time someone with two legs hogs it!!!!!! I have told her off but she laughs and says it is hers -

I am glad you are stitch free and have got rid of the cone of shame - they are awful - no amount of cluck cluck makes up for them - what ever the two legs think - and anyway if you have a cut it has to be licked - it is the only way to make the itchyness go away -

The 'puter hog says she needs it back again so I have to go, but I will write again soon -lots of news have a birthday coming have ordered some more jewellry - may have to get you some - send me your neck size - and give your mummy a kiss -

lots of love

Poppy (the Princess) who will be 3 (that is very grown up) in 16 days and counting!!!!!
PS you have to thank Uncle Mark - I don't know how but he has fixed the blog - it is great to be back!!!!!
and forgive him - he will never let a giant dog hurt you again - Mummy has never let Tilly near me again (not after the third time anyway!!!!!!!)

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