Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Mugsy

Still no messages - and now another emergency - look what my friend Dottie sent - her two legs made her sleep in the car - I don't like the new floor - in fact I won't sit on it - but I have not had to sleep in the car - what do you think to this message -

Dear Poppy

I have just heard from your Grandma of the unspeakable situation regarding the transformation of your lovely cosy floors into a skating rink

I know precisely what you mean.

In this house, we have wooden floors in the living area and stone floors in the kitchen.  In contrast the bedrooms have cosy dog friendly lovely thick warm carpets.   These carpets are comfortable for us to walk on and absorb all the mud and dust and dog hairs that I bring into the house. 

I can only commiserate with you on the state of affairs at your home.   You need to make it clear that new rugs are the order of the day, and that they should be strategically placed to enable you to cross the dangerously and newly floored wooden areas.  At the very least you should mention to your mama that doggy socks with non slip soles are available on ebay.

For goodness sake – these humans are dreadfully inconsiderate.    Do you know that I was actually BANNED from the house where my humans were staying last night.

I had high hopes for the weekend as G put my cage into the Trooper and all his heavenly scented shooting clothes out, and THE GUN.   But on arrival at our destination it was made clear to me that only humans were allowed in the house (and even they had to don slippers).   I was put in the tiny yard with my bed in a shed.  A shed.  Have you ever heard such a horrid story.  But additionally I had to sleep in the car both nights.  The worst bit, probably, was when I was banished to the little yard and could see both B and G through the window – and they ignored me.  Well, when B finally came out to me in the yard, I was actually shaking and sobbing with emotion.  I am actually not certain that a day’s shooting was enough to banish the horror of these atrocities.

I do think we have a responsibility to all the dogs in the world to ensure that our humans behave in a more sensible and thoughtful way than that which we have experienced lately.

Its too much.

I am copying this to my best friend Ruby, who understand these things.  Do you think we should set up a facebook page???

All love

Dottie   "

FACEBOOK PAGES, messages to all four legs we know, something is happening, I am very worried, it seems two legs are forgetting the important ones, i hope your failure to write is not because you are suffering any maltreatment!!!!!

a worried cousin

Dear Mugsy

I am worried. You don't write you don,t respond to my posts. Now that you are queen of a house and a garden are you to important for us simple princesses

I am in big trouble hear and I need help.  I have lost my magic. Had a great week. Mummy and I were both at Granny and Grandpaws. Other than the odd extra bath life was good. We went to the old flat but I was not worried I was living with my three favourite two legs.  I was even really mean to Grandpaw yesterday -granny had the window seat on the bus so I declined his attention for hers -mummy said I was very mean

Anyway next thing I knew we were back home but it was different. The nice soft snuggly carpet was gone and this cold White brown wood thing is in it's place. How could Mummy do this to me. I won't lie on wood floors in the pub so surely my home should be safe. mummy Granny and Grandpaw say it is stunning. I say it is very hard on my tushi.  I have tried everything screaming crying. Mummy just laughs and says get used to it WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!!!   I tried to call  Grandpaw to come and rescue me but he was to busy

Please advise. I am very depressed.

Ps. I slip everywhere. Carpet is soft and gentle. Wood hard and harsh. I might have bruises


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