Friday, August 17, 2012

poor me and lucky you

HELP I told you something bad was going to happen to me I had surgery and do I feel bad - I had a tooth out and my tear ducts cleared and my ears checked and other horribly things done to me - and although there is no cone of shame, I can't walk in a straight line and although  mummy is serving my favourite food, I can't eat it it hurts - woe woe woe - it is this time that I need Granny as well as Mummy but I can't even go there - she is in bed which is where i want to be but I can't visit it is not good.

I wimpered all night - Mummy held me tight and I intend on staying in her arms all day - BUT I HAD TO GET UP - you are moving to the new house - IT IS SO EXCITING you have to tell me more - ALL THAT SPACE- what are you going to do with it - HOW HAVE YOU INSTRUCTED THE SERVANTS to lay it out - what new playthings are you ordering.

Enough  - I have to lie down - but tell me more

Love and kisses


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