Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dear Mugsy or Lucy

first of all tell your mummy and PawPa that they have to decide on your forever name and then stick to it - is it Mugsy or Lucy - i think it should be Mugsy - but the confusion has got to stop!!!!!!! we all have to have a forever name.

i have to tell you about yesterday - my two legs boobed big time - and i am making the most of it

we went to the two legs hair salon - always good for spoiling!!!! - and they always dress her in a fancy black protector cloak - she had a new one yesterday - it was shiny and slippery and half way through the hair wash - i slipped off!!!!! - boy did i howl - apparently i sounded just like a twoleg baby - i brought half the salon to a standstill while i was comforted - i hurt myself - i landed on a two legs pair of boots and they had a buckle - it was made of metal and i have soft skin

anyway after that  - Mummy lost the cape and every one gave me cuddles so it was a pretty cool visit.

Today is a working day - that means mummy has to work and i sit on her lap and growl and everyone who bothers her - unless they give me cuddles or treats or are nice or i like them - it going to be a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it started of good - the tube was crowded - but a nice man gave up his seat for mummy so i didn't have to stand on the floor - i don't like standing on the floor and he said he was worried about mummy having to hold me all the way in her arms - i thought it was just because i looked so cute in my pink puffer jacket but i am not so sure now - cos then he asked for mummy's number - so he could arrange dinner - she gave it - so maybe i get an extra dinner?  When we got of the tube and mummy was talking to a friend - Rita - she said he had buck teeth like that was a bad thing - but Frankie has buck teeth and he is cool!!!

Any now its nap  time - have a good day - and happy thanks giving - make sure they give you some turkey - if we don't talk before

love and licks

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