Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Mugsy

It is so exciting, tomorrow I am going for my first vacation, to Cambridge in the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  We are going to a hotel.  Mummy says that I have to stay in my create.  PawPa wanted me on the bed, but Mummy says no way.  Mummy's sister, Mercedes and her family will be there.  I am going to have lots of fun,  I like running in all of the leaves.  Do you do that?  Here in America there are lots of leaves and I have lots of fun.  Then I bite my lead and PawPa gets angry.  Not sure why really.

Yesterday I was at school.  I did well but my friend Wrigley was playing with this older dog and he weeed on her head.  It was jolly funny.  The two legs were not so amused and Wrigley was jolly stinky.

I had a great day today.  PawPa worked from home so I had lots of trips to the park.  I am very tired though and kept falling asleep half out of my bed.  Then I discovered slippers.  PawPa was having a nap and watching terrible TV.  So we were in the bedroom and I was a bit bored so I found this old slipper.  It tasted a little of cheese.  Then Mummy came home and wondered what I was eating.  Turns out it was PawPa's slipper.  He was very sad and told me if I continued misbehaving I might be made into a slipper.  Problem is, I don't actually know what a slipper is.  I did find a tasty treat that looks like a Two Legs footwear.  I also like flip flops, leather boots, running shoes and sailing shoes.  I am not so keen on work or dress shoes.  What about you.

Love and licks,


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