Monday, November 22, 2010

This Weekend

Dear Mugsy

Treat Tart - its the only way to be - the two legs say its bad - but its only worth obeying commands for bribes -you have to teach PawPa that - keep at it - cuddles are great - they are free and can be given either way just for snuggles - treats are for performances and behaving !!!!!!

Granny doesn't do running - she sits on the floor and pouts until you go to her - but then she lets you climb all over her - and she lets kiss her - sometimes even on the face - but not the lips

wow - i thought 40 lbs was a lot - 200 lbs would squash even you - keep on you legs at all costs - but shes  got to be good for chasing and its not like she can hide from you - and what great protection - and if two legs are being a nuisance - great revenge

don't complain about multiple names - its such a good excuse for ignoring calls - if you don't know when to respond - they can't complain when you don't - i get told off for bouts of deafness - apparently i am going through teenagerdom - but you can just assume they are calling someone else -

i love being in the kitchen with my two legs - and by the way - some nice stuff gets dropped on the floor - never got hold of the dish cloth though might have to try it- sometimes get the stuff from the washing machine - thats doesn't go down to well - nor does licking the dishes in the dishwasher - but if you don't get caught - you get some good tasties - just be sneakie - you are at a better height than me for that  -

lots of love and licks


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