Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've Been Attacked

i got attacked yesterday - it was horrible - tilly - a jack russel not a nice dog - was playing and then bit  me - lots!!! and shook me like a rag doll!!! in the park - the two legs separated us - but she would n't let go - and oh boy do i hurt today - am on mums lap feeling very sorry for myself - went back to the park today and played with minty and danny - but i hope i don't ever see tilly again

i hear you want more air kong balls - do you want really big ones - or tennis ball sized ones? - want to check so i make sure two legs buys the right ones - she is not very good at guessing right

weather horrible here - raining lots - so no doubt i will be brushed and combed today - wish i had short hair like you - it must be so easy - and no reason for two legs to insist on grooming -

am having a sleepover at Delilah's tonight - two legs is playing bridge with Isabel - so that should be fun - other than she was spayed earlier this week - and is still having to wear a lampshade to stop her pulling at her stitches which is cramping her style slightly.  have you been done yet - it is isn't bad - the best thing - is you get seriously spoiled for the 10 days post op - no rules, no telling offs, just look at the two legs with big sad eyes with lamp shade on and they are putty in your hands - you get what you want when you want - irrespective of how bad you have been - and the pain meds are great too!!!!!!

lots of love
from a sore and very pathetic feeling

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